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The Riyadh Arab Agreement For Judicial Cooperation 1983

(b) the contracting party who extradited him approves these proceedings, provided that a new application, accompanied by the documents listed in Article 42 of this agreement and a minutes containing the statements of the extradited person regarding the extension of the extradition, which indicates that he had the opportunity to submit his defence to the competent authorities of the contracting parties who request it. , are established. Each party undertakes to extradite persons identified on its territory who have been charged by the competent authority or convicted by a judicial authority of other contracting parties, subject to the rules and conditions set out in this section. When entering into an arbitration agreement with a counterparty in the Middle East, it is also important to be aware of the applicable requirements with respect to the power to enter into an arbitration agreement (which may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction). In the United Arab Emirates, for example, federal government departments must obtain the approval of the Council of Ministers and the Department of Justice before entering into an arbitration agreement. When entering into trade agreements in the United Arab Emirates, it is advisable to ensure that the person signing the contract with an arbitration agreement has special power to enter into an arbitration agreement (not just a general power to sign the contract). Applications for legal and extrajudicial documents and deeds and documents are accompanied by a document containing the following information: The tasks of the competent judicial authority of the contracting party, requested to obtain recognition or enforcement of the judgment in question, are limited to verifying that the judgment is in accordance with the provisions of this agreement without considering the purpose of that judgment; this body does so automatically and confirms the result in its corresponding decision. Mediation established by the competent judicial authorities, in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, on the territory of one of the contracting parties, is recognized and effective on the territory of all other contracting parties after finding that it has the strength of an executive document with the contracting party in the territory of which it was concluded and that it contains no text contrary to the provisions of the Islamic Shari`a or the Constitution or the Constitution. or the rules of conduct of the contracting party who is required to recognize or implement such a conciliation.

In Qatar, separate arbitration laws apply to arbitration at the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC). The United Arab Emirates applies separate arbitration laws for arbitration proceedings established at the Dubai International Financial Centre (IDFC) or the Abu Dhabi World Market (ADGM). These free zones each have their own independent English-speaking courts, with judicial bodies of prestigious commercial and civil law judges. They therefore offer an attractive choice of seats in the region, due to the application of modern arbitration laws and the possibility of having used, if necessary, free zone courts. (e) if the defendant had expressly agreed to fall within the jurisdiction of that party`s courts, either by the designation of a chosen home or by the consent of that jurisdiction, provided that that party`s law does not prohibit such an arrangement. Without prejudice to the provisions of Articles 28 and 30 of this agreement, arbitrators` judgments are recognized and enforced by either party, subject to the legal standards of the required party, and the competent judicial authority of the required entity cannot debate the purpose of this arbitration procedure or refuse to enforce the judgment, except in the following cases. :: the execution letters of a contracting party in the territory from which they were issued are enforced by the other contracting parties in accordance with the procedures followed for judicial judgments, when these proceedings are subject to these proceedings, unless their application is contrary to the provisions of the Islamic Shari`a or the Constitution. , the public order or the rules of conduct of the contractor who are required to implement these letters.