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Scs Telework Agreement

SCS said all administrators and replacements would stay in schools, but if teachers agree to a telework agreement, they can work remotely. The exact nature of telework and the people these teachers will teach are still being evaluated. SCS says details of the agreement will be released shortly. On Tuesday night, Ray said more details about the deal document are coming “soon.” The Memphis County Shelby Education Association said they needed to see what was in the agreement. Many teachers of the protest want all virtual learning to go as far as Shelby County two weeks without a new COVID-19 case. “I love my students too much to get them through what I`m going through,” Crow said. Madihalli said she understood the challenges many CBS parents would face with TVs, despite the training the district provides. Students are equipped with digital devices and Internet support, but the technology is not foolproof. Some parents argue that several children come together to take distance courses, to give more flexibility to working parents, but this poses their own problems with possible covid-19 transmission.

That was one of the demands at a demonstration by teachers and community members on Tuesday. “At the moment, there is no control. There is a fire and they want us to run into the burning building while the fire is burning,” SCS professor Tikelia Rucker said in an interview before the protest. MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – A significant change in the Shelby County Schools S.A.F.E. Reentry Plan — Teachers now have the opportunity to choose whether they want to teach remotely. “Are we really willing to risk the lives of children,” who could also transmit the virus to older relatives, she said. “It will be a snowball effect. Are we going to risk all these lives so that we can learn personally with the increase in the case?¬†She said that she did not believe in distance education in recent months, but that she taught summer classes from a distance and that she had seen progress with her students and that she could also establish relationships with her parents.

On Wednesday afternoon, Madihalli said the district`s proposal for teacher elections was how school leaders will determine which demands will be met. For example, if all teachers applied for distance education, how would a principal determine which of these requests should be met? “Do they agree that someone should come in and examine their workspace and their home? Do they agree to be punished if something happens to their Internet service? “,” said Jolie Madihalli of the Memphis Shelby County Education Association.