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No Pet Clause In Tenancy Agreement

Hello, The contract I specifically specify “No animal, poultry, fish, reptile and/or pet of any kind can be held on or on the premises, for any time without prior written consent and meet the owner`s requirements. Such consent, if granted, is revocable after the owner`s option after a 30-day written notification. In the event of legislation or authorization to have a pet and/or pet of any kind, an additional $100.00 security deposit, with an additional monthly rent of $100.00 per pet, and the signing of the owner`s pet contract is required. Resident also undertakes to take care of insurance deemed appropriate by OWNER to cover any responsibilities and damage that could be caused by these animals.” Now my tenant asked me if she could have her disruptor`s pit bull (he couldn`t keep it anymore) and we kindly said, “No.” A month later we were on the property and she has the dog. To the question of whether it had sent its registration to ESA. As my pet clause says, “No animals, etc.” would keep the water? Hello Paul, even if the tenant can show you that they have pet insurance to start with, there is nothing that prevents them from cancelling it once they have moved into the property, and there is no way that you will be able to discover it and at the end of the lease, without pet insurance to cover the damage, we will not be able to cover the costs. On 15.03.19, I received a text that they are currently reading rules and regulations and noted the clause of dogs 25 lbs or less and that their dog is actually 95LBS……. my association said absolutely unauthorized I own a beautiful townhouse and the association only allows dogs under 25lbs, I went through the rules and I gave the tenant the rules of the association and regulations, they filled the paper work for their background examination and association papers that stated they had a dog, association approved. We signed a lease on February 18, 2019 clearly said 25lbs or less. You have granted me a 2-month deposit with a rental agreement from April 1, 2019 thank you.

The question is that I am already physically disabled and I am receiving ssi and I have been in my condition for 12 years, I have become discouraged and I need help to walk and stability. When I moved in, there was a non-pet clause. Now that I need a service dog, my owner can expel me or refuse my service dog, because my agreement at the time did not say pets As I said about previous related contributions, even if this legislation is passed, it will have no teeth at all. Unless there is a list of verifiable standards and behaviours that define “well behaviour,” which are then corroded by the issuing veterinarian or the government with a financial remedy, no pet will be considered different from what they are today. An immeasurable risk. I guess Andrew isn`t winging with a plan for veterinarians to meet a pet for 10 minutes, give a certificate saying they behave well, the industry forced to accept this as a fact, and then at the end of the rent when they made it wrong and there are dilaps of the pet, then it`s unfortunate and the owner will only pay the bill that the vet thought they seemed to be good if they got it wrong 12 months ago. If that is the case, I am sure that we have more dignified legislation that deserves to be debated in Parliament, because that will not lead to a single additional pet finding a home, status or not. I hope someone can help you! When my partner and I agreed to our new rental, it was on the condition that one day we have a dog.