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Google Art Project

Google along 151 art partners around the globe, has launch today, this website aims to bring to the internet user the vast examples of art pieces that are all around the world in a digital catalogue. The user can browse alphabetically the specific artist that he is looking for and browse the art pieces available under that artist. This is a great way to save on a expensive air ticket to France and enjoy a sample of the Louvre right from your computer.

Using a combination of various Google technologies and expert information provided by the museum partners, Google has created a unique online art experience. Users can explore a wide range of artworks at brushstroke level detail, take a virtual tour of a museum and even build their own collections to share. Few people will ever be lucky enough to be able to visit every museum or see every work of art they’re interested in but now many more can enjoy over 30 000 works of art from sculpture to architecture and drawings and explore over 150 collections from 40 countries, all in one place.