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Facts On The Paris Climate Agreement

The number of participants and the strength of the commitments made the Paris Agreement an unprecedented milestone in the field of climate negotiations. A withdrawal from Paris could dampen investment in America. Clean energy employment is the fastest growing energy sector and employs 3 million Americans and perhaps many more if we stick to the Paris Agreement`s goals for low-carbon growth. (See factsheet on employment in the clean energy sector) All the costs of reducing emissions are more than offset by the costs to the U.S. economy and the communities that are causing the inaction. Paris will move positively towards the economy and employment growth, as it will create the conditions for even stronger growth in clean energy and efficiency jobs throughout the country and in export markets globally. Last year, China employed 3.6 million people in jobs in the renewable energy sector, more than four times the U.S. total – we should compete to do more to fight climate change, not less. Before we start the fact check, we should remember what the Paris Agreement is. Signed in 2015, it is the first truly universal agreement between nations to combat climate change. It`s not perfect, but the agreement has strengthened the recovery momentum of economies around the world. Financing is essential to support emerging economies and support the transition to carbon-free economies.

The agreement provides that from 2020, $100 billion of public and private funds will have to be mobilized each year to finance projects that allow countries to adapt to the effects of climate change (sea level rise, droughts, etc.) or reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These funds should be gradually increased and some developing countries will also be able to become donors on a voluntary basis to help the poorest countries. Environmentalists have stressed that fundamental and radical changes must be made in economies around the world if the worst of climate change is to be avoided. Instead of relying on the best available climate science and economics, the Trump administration and its allies fabricated their own information and untruths to support the exit from Paris. In his official announcement, President Trump, in his statements on the cost of the Paris Agreement, appealed for a deliberately misleading industry-funded study. The United States has also approved $3 billion for the Green Climate Fund, which helps developing countries adapt and mitigate climate change practices. No long historical explorations of why this or that should happen. Just a red line and a solution. This conciseness allowed the teams to speed up the meetings and finally reach an agreement. “The Trump administration`s announcement undermines an important pillar of the fight against climate change and undermines the world`s ability to avoid the most dangerous and costly effects of climate change.

What is important is that this is also not the What is happening in the United States stage. More than 1338 companies and investors with annual revenues of $1.7 trillion, assets under management of $2.5 trillion and 3.1 million U.S. employees From November 30 to December 11, 2015, France received representatives from 196 countries at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UN). One of the most important and ambitious global climate meetings ever assembled.. . . .