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Responsive Design

This is written approach to place some of my own vocabulary thoughts about this 2012 digital wave. I feel that we are on a wide change of technology, I think that we as designers, developers and users; are moving towards a great concept of world wide clean design. The persona in the past 4 years has change so much that I can’t see to grasp it all at once. I feel that the sites are changing in a way to be broader in terms of content and design. Adaptive and responsive design was once a thought of a great concept piece that could one day be achieved. Nowadays it seems legit to say that its part of a greater cause, creating design that is adaptive is going to be the future for the next generation designers out there.

What is Responsive Design:

Today’s responsive websites take a comparable approach by using fluid widths in percentages and ems. Your first step should be to create a flexiable layout. As the browser width changes, fluid grids will resize and resposition the content as necessary. You can ultimately resize the image on the fly, or dynamically crop the image. By combining both methods you are enabling the image to resize automatically when it’s below a specific size. You can have one stylesheet for a large display meanwhile providing different stylesheet for mobile devices with different width’s. Media queries allow designers to create multiple layouts using the same content.

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