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Dealership Agreement Format In Tamil

(11) The company is free and entitled to appoint negotiators, sellers, commissionaires or other sales agents on a wage, commission or other basis, but provided that they work in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and that they do not do anything that harms the interests of the company or the company and the collective interests of both parties. e. It goes without saying that all proprietary information disclosed under this agreement is and remains the property of the disclosed party. Once this Agreement has been concluded or notified in writing to the notifying Party, the receiving Party agrees to return all protected information contained therein. 9. The company agrees and undertakes to deliver its products to the company in accordance with the company`s orders and if the company does not supply the goods on behalf of the company, it is free to terminate the contract by giving the company a period of one month in writing and after the expiry of the notice period. this Agreement shall be terminated and the Parties shall settle their accounts within one week of c. In any case, the receiving party will not communicate this information to third parties, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the disclosed party; provided also that one in three persons must consent in writing to restrictions comparable to those of this Section 6. The receiving party may disclose the protected information to the extent necessary by a valid decision of a court or other governmental authority or by applicable law; However, provided that the receiving party makes every reasonable opportunity to inform the disclosing party, prior to disclosure, of the obligation to make such disclosure, so that the disclosing party has a reasonable opportunity to object to such disclosure.

The circumstances in which the agreement may be terminated should be detailed. Both parties must have options to cancel the agreement if they are not satisfied with the other party`s outcome or performance. (2) That the appointment of the company to the distributor remains in force for three years from the date of this Agreement, but that this Agreement may be extended for the same period on such terms and conditions as may be agreed between the Parties on that date. Distributors and distributors play a key role in supply chains, so it`s no surprise that the positions have some similarities. Although these two agreements are legal documents defining the conditions of the relationship between the different parties involved, their specificities differ in many respects. (9) That in the event of termination of the contract, the invoice must be debited within two weeks. The company recovers all unsold shares and pays the invoice. f. The receiving Party acknowledges that due to the uniqueness of the protected information, the receiving Party would suffer irreparable harm if the receiving Party breached its obligations under this Agreement and that financial compensation would not be sufficient to compensate the disclosed party for such infringement. The Parties agree that, in such circumstances, in addition to the applicable financial facilities, the disclosed party is entitled to rights of omission necessary to stem a continuing or subsequent infringement of the receiving party, without proving or proving actual harm to the disclosed party. (2) That the Agreement remain in force originally for three years, which shall be from ……….

may, however, be extended for periods similar to the conditions which may be agreed by and between the parties. . . .