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Cremation Agreement

For those who do not wish to make all of their funeral arrangements as part of a pre-paid funeral, a simple option is that the cremation agreement can be purchased directly by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board and made available to the funeral director at the time of distress. This reduces the total cost of the funeral at the time of distress and also ensures that the cremation fee is guaranteed at current prices. The authorization form is a legal document that must be signed either by the person himself before death or by the legal family after death. In Minnesota, there are two authorization options. If someone makes a prior order for themselves, they can sign a document called self-authorization for cremation. This document is kept in our files and used at the time of death. Authorization for cremation and disposition is the other option. It is a recognition of cremation and a confirmation of cremation by legal relatives. Neptune Society is the most reliable provider of cremation services in the country, with over 40 years of experience in meeting the needs of families Many families are unaware that a chapel allowance is included in the tax and often pay additional funds for the use of a chapel that is not in the cemetery. Incineration contracts are not coming to an end.

They are not transferable. With more than 40 years of service to more than 100,000 families, the Neptune Society is the most reliable provider of incineration services in the country. To plan cremation in advance, communicate to the Neptune Society your desire for cremation for yourself or your loved ones.