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Canberra Southern Cross Club Enterprise Agreement

However, the House says there is more to be done with respect to tax reform and, in particular, the controversial system of business tax rates, which leads to an increase in rents and real estate values throughout the ACT. “Anchoring the payment of two and a half times a public holiday and anchoring any other club participating in the award would make us very uncompetitive,” Mackay said. Workers will prepare a Fair Work Commission hearing on Friday on a new enterprise agreement proposed by a Canberra club, union officials said. He said their agreement would protect workers` penalties for at least 12 months. Graham Catt, CEO, Canberra Business Chamber T: 02 6247 4199 E: Canberra takes an important step towards World Small Business Day 2020. Today, more than 30,000 private sector companies are active throughout the city — a 5% increase last year. Most of these businesses are small, but together they employ nearly two-thirds of Canberra`s workforce. “It is clear that the future recovery of the ACT economy must be guided by the private sector,” Chamber CEO Graham Catt said today. “Governments across the country are now heavily indebted and have limited capacity to walk to the door in the long term.

Many jobs have already been lost. If we want to have full employment in the ACT, it must now come from private companies. The fair-work commission will hear evidence from the union and the club on Friday and decide whether staff will be better under the proposed enterprise agreement. If a job has a registered contract, the premium does not apply. However: Contact for more information. The composite labour market survey also showed a sharp slowdown in employment growth across the economy, with the index falling sharply from 45 to 27. Ms Ryan said that if Fair Work was in favour of the Southern Cross Club, it would set a dangerous precedent for other clubs. But Lyndal Ryan, secretary of United Voice, said workers voted in favor of the deal only because it was “misleading.” Individual companies that wish to have a say can also directly to the House. “We believe that associations that assert themselves as virtuous bastions and close to the community should start making a decent commitment to workers who do not deserve their wages to be reduced,” Ryan said. But Mackay confirmed that the association would not pay penalty interest for the prize if other clubs did not. Mr.

Mackay said that because the clubs were moving away from the game, they would not be able to cover the cost of the penalties if their competitors did not pay them.