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Bnsf Utility License Agreement

TxDOT regularly enters into construction and maintenance contracts (C-M) with railway companies that authorize TxDOT to obtain the licence and authorization to carry out work in the railways. A separate agreement on the contractor`s right of entry is then concluded between the contractor and the railway company to allow the holder to have a priority right over the railways. As part of these agreements, it is necessary to develop guidelines and procedural documents for the development of C-M agreements between TxDOT and various railways, including: Gateway Drive – North Leg This proposal would be linked to the existing gateway through the northern section of Gateway Drive, a new road between the Boeing Employees Union and the itT Technical Institute building and a new bridge over the Duwamish River. S 112th Street This alternative takes the facility located on the north coast of the line by a new road along the existing Seattle Public Utility and Seattle City Lights power corridor. Tukwila BNSF Intermodal Facility Access Alternatives: The City of Tukwila is working with bnSF Railway to explore alternative access routes to its Allentown intermodal site. S 124th Street This is the current route that most trucks and vehicles take to reach the facility. This is considered a non-construction or reference option. 48th Avenue S This alternative passes through the existing 48th Avenue S Roadway and a new bridge over the Green River Trail and the Duwamish River at the south end. Airport Way S This alternative requires existing rail access to rehabilitate the facility at the north end, which runs under the access Road and Sound Transit Link Light Rail Line. Thanks to its partnership with the BNSF, the city builds on these previous studies and is now focusing on the financial and technical feasibility of alternatives.

The search for these alternatives is still in its infancy. The City will ensure that its findings and all actions taken by the municipality are clearly communicated. Previous studies have studied four alternative routes, in addition to a “no action” alternative (maintaining the existing route). The following documents describe the results and processes of previous studies: Contact: questions? Want to know more? Email us at or call us at 206-431-2446.