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New Vimeo Revamp

I just came across last night with this nice option from Vimeo to update my profile using their new layout. I have to say from a UI point of view its really nice, minimal, clean and not cluster. Now from a point of view of UX I have to say that the feed its nice a addition to the landing profile page. I am not so thrill about the portraits holder div because all it does its showing you past photos of your profile. Overall I have to say that they are going to the right path and this is one of my personal sites that I love to use their service for online video hosting.

Sign up for a free account at

Google Art Project

Google along 151 art partners around the globe, has launch today, this website aims to bring to the internet user the vast examples of art pieces that are all around the world in a digital catalogue. The user can browse alphabetically the specific artist that he is looking for and browse the art pieces available under that artist. This is a great way to save on a expensive air ticket to France and enjoy a sample of the Louvre right from your computer. Continue Reading →

365PSD Free Resources the world’s highest quality source of PSDs that are free for both personal and commercial use. That means any PSD you download can be reused in any project without worrying about licensing. I am always looking for great psd’s to get inspire and to get my clients to be content with the latest design trends. I love this site, they have great psd from many designers from all around the world. was started by Jonno Riekwel who decided he wasn’t going to let his creative work die after being rejected by clients. Instead of sending these files to the virtual basement to be forgotten, he decided to rally with other designers to share these beautiful PSDs with the world. Jonno’s goal was to release a free PSD every day for a whole year. 365 grew exponentially through the first 10 months and gained an audience of ten thousand plus users.

Get your free psd’s at

TinyLetter – Easy Newsletters

TinyLetter is an elegant way for people to send personal letters to their friends, fans and followers. TinyLetter is a very simple way for users to make email newsletters. Pick a name for your newsletter, and TinyLetter will create a URL to send to contacts via email, Facebook, Twitter and more so they can sign-up. You can then write your newsletter, customize your newsletters by design, add subscribers, read replies from subscribers and track old newsletters. You can also turn on the option to charge per month for your newsletter.

For more info go to TinyLetter

Free Website with Google

Have you ever wanted to have your own website, well now if you reside in California and you own a small business you can. Google and Intuit have team up to bring new customers and also to give you a start on your online persona. Small businesses across California are getting online through this free program from Google. Sign up and you’ll receive:
  • Free easy-to-build Intuit website
  • Free customized domain name
  • Free web hosting for one year
  • Free online tools and training

Responsive Design

This is written approach to place some of my own vocabulary thoughts about this 2012 digital wave. I feel that we are on a wide change of technology, I think that we as designers, developers and users; are moving towards a great concept of world wide clean design. The persona in the past 4 years has change so much that I can’t see to grasp it all at once. I feel that the sites are changing in a way to be broader in terms of content and design. Adaptive and responsive design was once a thought of a great concept piece that could one day be achieved. Nowadays it seems legit to say that its part of a greater cause, creating design that is adaptive is going to be the future for the next generation designers out there. Continue Reading →

Google for Webmasters

Often I work on projects and people pay for front-end looks, and invest very little on making their site easy and ready to be crawled by Google so that other people have an easier time finding them. I came across this awesome material that explains in simple terms the way Google uses your content for their Pagerank system.

You can view their presentation here: