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Alberta Real Estate Association Exclusive Seller Representation Agreement

Cultivated/unconsolidated products: Attached items are items that you cannot remove from the property without damaging or that are physically attached to the property by pipes, screws, screws or nails. Added goods remain safe, unless there is a specific exclusion in the listing agreement or in a buyer`s offer to purchase. This includes: The standard of care is higher for real estate professionals when representing clients. Since real estate professionals have more responsibilities in their work with clients, they are expected to have a higher level of care. The responsibilities of real estate professionals in working with clients generally include the following: For the purposes of this article, the buyer`s context is. Agency relationships are the same for a seller. the term seller can be interpreted as a seller`s broker or, if not represented by a broker, by the seller. Your written service contract is a seller`s representation agreement, also known as a list agreement. The agreement contains the details of the list, including the list price, inclusions/exclusions, date of ownership, and lists your responsibilities and obligations as well as those of your real estate professional.

Exclusions/exclusions: Inclusions are items that you include in the sale of your home, and exclusions are the items you exclude. Be specific with your inclusions and exclusions in your list contract and in all offers/counter-offers. 2. Find an agent you trust. Interview agent, ask your friends and family for recommendations – don`t just work with the first agent you meet. Check customer satisfaction reviews – some brokers post real-time reviews, verified reviews of all their agents on their websites – don`t just rely on testimonials. Google the names of the agents you are considering and see what you find. Remember also, everyone makes mistakes, if you find a complaint about an agent or broker, ask him about it. The way someone handles problems tells you more about them than any testimony. Dower Rights: If you are married in Alberta but your spouse is not a registered owner on your property title, you may need their consent to sell the property. The seller`s representation agreement is for marriage authorization and your real estate professional can provide you with more information.

Your real estate professional should talk to you about the size of real estate and the resident measurement standard (RMS) in Alberta. Real estate professionals in Alberta should use the RMS when describing the size of a residential property. By law, sellers and their known real estate agents must disclose known essential latent defects to potential buyers. One of these instruments is a comparative market analysis (CMA). In a CMA, real estate professionals use data on similar properties recently sold to get a reasonable list price for your property.