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Aca Standard Form Of Agreement For The Appointment Of An Architect

12 Annex 3: Fees and charges (continued) Normal benefit rates Unless otherwise specified, fees and charges must be paid in monthly instalments, in accordance with the clause The following payments must be paid after more important stages of work (e.g. B design, preconstruction, etc.) or smaller phases of work (e.g., B design, design development, etc.). Where fees are calculated on the basis of a percentage or a lump sum, transactions which have not otherwise agreed beyond those set out in Annex 2 shall be calculated on a temporal basis. The taxes and fees listed below are plus VAT. Work phase % of percentage FeeB Flat-rate Design time…% /hour C Concept design…% /hour D Design developed…% /hour E Technical design…% /hour Construction…% /hour F Production information…% /hour G Tender documentation…% /H Call for tenders. % /hour Construction…% /hour J Mobilization…% /hour KD construction practically…% /hour Completion L Usage…% /hour After practical completion…% /hour Total(s) 100% Rate Other services (as below) Preparation /hour A Evaluation /Hour B Short design /hour (as below) Design /Hour C Concept Design /hour D Developed design /time E Technical design /hour (as below) Pre-knowledge /time F Production information /Time G Tender /hour H Tender/hour (as below) Construction /Hour J Mobilization /hour K construction until practical completion /hour /hour /hour (as below) Use /time L After practical completion /time Other. Activity as a CDM coordinator, /hour/hour in total 50, Other time-based costs (if prices vary) Student Director / Architect Partner Assistant Other / hour / hour / hour / hour BLthe share of the provisional percentage or flat fee: (i) for each incomplete work phase c-h is estimated by the architect; (ii) for each phase of incomplete work j-l is the ratio between the certified value of the construction costs and the current professional estimate of the gross final cost of all work included in the construction costs. Fill in the rate or observe as follows if prices vary depending on the type of staff employed. All fees and charges up to and including work phase k must be paid in full before the architect can issue a certificate of practical completion. 10 Association of Consultative Architects Standard form for the appointment of an architect (aca sfa/08) 4. Make sure that all the terms of an agreement or contract are clearly defined and that no “by reference” is included, as these do not appear in what you sign. If necessary, make sure that the terms of the contract are signed separately.

The recent RIBA 2010 agreements are a series of tailor-made contracts adapted to the appointment of an architect. The suite tries to maintain a fair and balanced position between the architect and the client and is recognized as a standard branch document. Like the 2007 agreements, the 2010 suite consists of appointments for “architect” and “advisor” and is offered in the forms “Standard”, “Concise” and “Domestic”. A sub-consultant agreement is also available. The 2010 RIBA agreements are now shorter and more user-friendly dates, while retaining the flexibility and clarity that the 2007 agreements should offer. . . .