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Responsive Design

This is written approach to place some of my own vocabulary thoughts about this 2012 digital wave. I feel that we are on a wide change of technology, I think that we as designers, developers and users; are moving towards a great concept of world wide clean design. The persona in the past 4 years has change so much that I can’t see to grasp it all at once. I feel that the sites are changing in a way to be broader in terms of content and design. Adaptive and responsive design was once a thought of a great concept piece that could one day be achieved. Nowadays it seems legit to say that its part of a greater cause, creating design that is adaptive is going to be the future for the next generation designers out there. Continue Reading →

Google for Webmasters

Often I work on projects and people pay for front-end looks, and invest very little on making their site easy and ready to be crawled by Google so that other people have an easier time finding them. I came across this awesome material that explains in simple terms the way Google uses your content for their Pagerank system.

You can view their presentation here: